06 Handiwork 02 Rush WovenA little bit about Mended-Memories and me, Cathy Miller. My grandfather worked as a carpenter and my father enjoyed woodworking as a hobby. I remember my dad saying that he had worked with wood for quite a long time although I don’t know when he first started. When I was 12, I began working in his wood shop with him.

One of the first machines I worked on was a wood lathe.  Dad ran it slow, told me to watch the level of my tool, and said it would bite if I lost my grip!! That started my love of woodworking and being out in his workshop.

My parents were getting along in years and in 1989 and they moved from Northern California to Southern California to be closer to me and a warmer climate. For three years dad and I worked in his shop and built small end tables, lamps and knickknacks. I would then go off to gift shops and sell them. It was a great time and he taught me a lot.

05 Cathy 01 HammockOne of the things he taught me was how to hand weave cane and rush chairs. It’s definitely a process, It’s a time consuming process but well worth the effort, bringing an old chair back to life.  This is what my name is about MENDED MEMORIES.

I have a another other hobby as well as woodworking; I am a certified DIVEMASTER SCUBA DIVER which has drawn me to places all over the world. That’s me below; I hope I’m encouraging you to make use of my skills as an artist and adventurer!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my digital world…

05 Cathy 02 SCUBA