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Mended Memories does custom, hand laced cane, pressed cane and wicker woven furniture. I take pride in the workmanship of every chair that happens to come into my care. You're here most likely due to a google search or even better because a friend recommended you. This means you're looking for something very specific. There are a few craftsmen and craftswomen across the country like myself who re-weave cane furniture, but I am Sacramento based, and am happy to serve all of the California central valley and San Francisco area. Whether you have grandma's old cane rocker, dad's old kitchen chairs, or even your own handed down baby chair or high chair, I will take the best care of your heirlooms and return them to you in better than new condition.

About Mended Memories

At Mended Memories, we take pride in reconstructing your old memories into something you'll agree will make new memories..


For a number of before and after photos and numerous examples of my craftsmanship, see my Portfolio page...


How do I do it? Email me at Cathy@mended-memories.com with a picture of your chair, so I can get it looking like new...

I would love to hear from you!  We always encourage questions, comments and of course requests for quotes.  You can email me at Cathy@Mended-Memories.com, phone me during business hours at 916.710.5559, or use the Contact Us form for a quick confidential message. Thanks so much for your interest!

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